In 2017, We4IT achieved record sales and invoiced a total of over 3 million euros net. This represents an increase of more than 20% compared to the previous year.

Aveedo drives sales

With the growing number of customers who want to move from the IBM Notes client to a web and mobile application platform, Aveedo has become the growth engine of We4IT. With Aveedo, IBM Notes / Domino business applications can be modernized and used without limitations in the web browser, while migrating with Aveedo gives companies full flexibility in terms of future strategy alignment.

In addition to Aveedo, We4IT’s Managed Services Unit was able to increase its customer base and win over new well-known customers.

I am very proud of the entire We4IT team. Together, we not only laid the economic foundation for a sustainable successful development, but at the same time initiated a cultural change that promotes innovation, flexibility and the ongoing development of our employees. This can benefit both our team and our customers in the long term.

Stefan Sucker, CEO We4IT GmbH