Products & Solutions

In addition to our own solutions, we also offer proven partner products for your IT. On this page you get an overview.

Own Products


Aveedo is a complete business application platform for efficient digital organizations. With Aveedo, it is easy to modernize and migrate existing Lotus Notes applications and to build new applications from the scratch.

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When the systems go on strike, the phones in your support department get hot and your employees or customers can stop working. This costs money and creates dissatisfaction. There is an immediate need for help. The We4IT HelpDesk supports you quickly and effectively with troubleshooting.


Time is money! Your employees’ time is the most valuable resource your company has. That’s why it’s important not to waste time on lengthy reconciliation processes. The We4IT GroupCalendar supports you in the appointment management of your employees and in the daily planning of meetings.

Partner Products


GreenLight relieves you by identifying issues in the IT environment before the first support call arrives. It watches over your server environment from the perspective of an end user. So you benefit from the versatile features both on-premises, as well as in the cloud and in hybrid IT infrastructures.

Marvel Client

The specific functions of the MarvelClient modules for the IBM Notes Client meet all requirements in Notes Client Management and can be freely combined. This allows you to complete your projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Application Insights

Application Insights is a software appliance that collects and uses IBM Domino application usage and design data for their effective modernization and related decision-making processes.

panagenda OfficeExpert

OfficeExpert provides end-to-end performance analytics for Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Skype for Business.

OnTime Group Calendar

The OnTime group calendar gives users a straightforward overview and high scalability, as the design and capacity is suitable for both smaller and larger businesses.